Riversdale Love is an innovative community-building project that attempts to bring the benefits of revitalization to all people in the neighbourhood, fostering intercultural connections and building healthy communities along the way. One of our initiatives is The People Project.

The People Project will begin as a photo blog celebrating the individuals that make up this community. With our stunningly talented friends at Studio D, we are taking to the streets or attending events in Riversdale to hear people's stories, learn about our neighbours and take their photos. When we have collected 100 PHOTOS we'll launch our website--and continue adding to it as we meet more people and grow this visual celebration of our diversity.

If you want your face to be added to the collection, EMAIL US.

We're always interested in feedback and conversation. Your ideas can help shape the direction of The People Project or Riversdale Love. This is an invitation to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @riversdalelove